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Globalization and the effects on the usa


For your final paper, you will research and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of globalization that have positively or negatively impacted the economy of the USA. These positive or negative impacts can be from the past or present. 

Your paper should include the following: 

1. An introduction in which you describe the region’s international trade patterns with one or many of its important trade partners. You must use statistical data and factual information to address this question. 

2. Integrate at least two economic concepts from the course (e.g., tariffs, supply and demand, externalities, the gains of trade and comparative advantage, common resources, monopolies and oligopolies) in your responses to the following bullet points. Use graphs, charts, equations, and so on to relate the theories that you choose. 

3. Explain at least two specific positive impacts of international trade or of globalization on the USA. 

4. Explain at least two specific negative impacts of international trade or of globalization on the USA. 

5. Identify at least two groups that were particularly affected by international trade or by globalization (e.g., international businesses, domestic businesses, the domestic consumer, the domestic economy, workers in a particular industry). Explain how these groups were positively or negatively impacted. Consider the ethical and social implications of various aspects of the economy in your response. 

6. Propose a detailed policy recommendation that you believe would help to mitigate the adverse impacts or enhance the positive impacts of trade or globalization on the country or region that you chose. 

7. Be sure to use reliable sources and detailed statistical data to support your paper. You should use a minimum of SIX sources and appropriately reference all of your sources using APA guidelines.


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