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Graded quiz 2.1: good words choices positively affect your


 This short quiz will ensure that you use commonly confused words correctly in your writing.

Read the following passage and then choose the word that best completes the sentence. You may use a dictionary if needed.

Deer Diary,

 This is Henry the Hermit Crab. I prefer just Henry the Hermit, however. You sea, people say that I’m crabby, but really, its more that I do not like to be bothered. I sleep quite a bit of the day, and four that, I like my shall. Humph. Perhaps people need to mine they’re own business. 


 Don’t get me wrong; I have a good life. I love to eat leftover leafy greens; their my favorite things to eat. I like all leafy greens accept for broccoli leafs. I don’t know—their’s just something about the leaves that grow on broccoli that are not appealing for a hermit like me. Sometimes, I will walk passed even the leafy greens like lettuce that I really enjoy, and my people think that I do not like them, but really, I do. I’m just not hungry at that moment. I’m just a little hermit, for Pete’s sake! I can’t eat an army of vegetables!


 So, what else did I due today all ready? Oh yeah, I had a good nap and then watched “The Hermit Crab Hero” on TV. Its my favorite television program.  It is such a site! The hermit crab is the hero, of chorus. He fights crime down in the ocean deep, and the hermit all weighs comes two the rescue. It sounds so predictable, I no, but it’s really quite an entertaining show! I often have to lay down though part way through it because it gets hard to hold my shell up for that long!


 Oh, what’s that? You didn’t know that hermits hold their shells? Its true; wee use our back legs to hold the shell in place, and we walk with our front legs.


 Anyway, so after watching “The Hermit Crab Hero,” I took a nice nap. I thought that I was being lead down this nice long ocean floor by one of my friends, but it was just a dream. To bad two because I found a knew shell that really compliments my skin in that dream!

 Oh whale, perhaps after I take another nap (writing a diary entrée is quit exhausting!), I will see what cool looking shells I can find in my aquarium, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll officially make the switch. This shall is getting kind of cramped!


 Tile next time,

 Henry the Hermit


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