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Health information management professionals have a plethora of career



Health Information Management professionals have a plethora of career opportunities. As you think about your future career as a Health Information Technician, what do you see are your possibilities? This assignment will allow you to explore possible career paths as a Health Information Technician.

Follow these steps to complete this assignment:

  1. Go to the AHIMA Career Map
  2. Click on Featured Career Paths along the bottom of the table
  3. Select Path 5. You will see six careers mapped for you as a Health Information Technician.
  4. Explore these six careers.
  5. Select one of the management careers that interests you – Chief Learning Officer, Regional Director of HIM, Director of HIM, or Manager of HIM.

For the career that interest you, answer the following questions in a 1-2 page paper.

  1. What is the title of this career?
  2. What are the job responsibilities?
  3. What skills are needed for this position?
  4. What draws you to this career possibility?
  5. How do you anticipate this course will help you prepare for the job you have selected?
  6. How would you map your career to achieve this career?

APA Format


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