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Health management | Applied Sciences homework help


This week, we have examined Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and “Violence in Health Care Settings” (p. 471-475).  Be sure to read these items before participating in the discussion board.
Our discussion board is going to focus on the Case Study entitled “I Love You…Forever” on pages 527-528 of the eText. Please read through the case very carefully and then think about the issues covered in the case in light of the information that you learned in Chapters 11 and 12. Then, answer the following question in your initial post:

1. What is the Clinic’s responsibility in this type of situation?

2. What could the clinic do to help remedy the situation?

3. What do you recommend that Nancy do above and beyond what has already been done?

4. What did you learn in this week’s course materials that led you to the decisions that you describe in questions 1-3?


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