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Healthcare delivery | Social Science homework help


Reflection Entry-Cover the following briefly within one page in your own words:

-Key external influencers of the healthcare delivery environment include the following:

-Economic factors: General economy, consumer sentiments, and demand elasticity, economic development

-Social values: Diversity, social cohesion, established precedents for actions, religious preferences

-Global influences: Immigration, vacation travel, medical tourism, epidemics, terrorism, demands for equity in medication distribution

-Population characteristics: Population demographics, socioeconomics, morbidity related to ethnic and gender groups, social morbidity 

-Political climate: Elected officials, interest groups

-Technology development: Engineering sciences, information science, decision management, 


-Physical environment: Pollution, sanitation

-Demand elasticity: Market liquidity

One page minimum required formatted according to APA Style. No Scholarly Sources as this is a brief reflection of these topics in your own words.


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