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Hi dear tutor, i got 57/100 in this paper so i really need help. i



Hi dear tutor,

I got 57/100 in this paper so I really need help.

I have so much work going on so I can’t spend too much time on this.

It’s a film analysis and the film is Hedwig and the angry Inch, please be SPECIFIC about scenes you pick.

I think I need a new, clear, logical thesis statement and supporting details of it.

I have 3500 words already but since they are not good please feel free to rewrite or delete the part you don’t like.

I’ve attached our course readings but they are a lot so I’d like to have a tutor who is already familiar with the musical genre.

I’ll also attach the key concepts in our course and please use them in the essay as many as you can.

You also need to compare the movie with another movie in class – I will provide the list.

The most important thing in this assignment:

A clear, logical, narrow thesis statement.

Analyze scenes in DETAIL with key concepts and close readings.

The prompt:

This should be a full-length (min 3,500 words) draft of your final paper — as complete as you can manage, including:

1. Close readings of your primary film as the basis of your analysis

2. Close reading of film(s) that you consider the “intertext” of your film analysis — this is where you compare relevant intertextual moments/characters/elements

3. Accurate use of written sources such as theory/history to support your approach

4. A clear, narrow focus.

It is preferable to include extra close reading/analysis than to submit a draft with generalizations in place of evidence. Remember, you will only have one week to revise the paper for a final grade after you receive it back with comments. Take advantage of the revision process to get feedback on your best possible work.

The feedback:

Evelyn, Your paper lacks a clear thesis or idea. It rambles a fair bit, often repeating ideas from earlier on, and there is a lot of plot summary. I’m also not sure that your intertexts are helping you at all. They are more like digressions that don’t tie into any clear logic. Why don’t you compare Hedwig to one of the other films we saw – a film that uses popular music, for example, or that explores gender norms. You could also analyze the style of the musical, using some of the readings from Altman? From that comparison you can make an argument that goes beyond the moral or message of the film itself.

In Class reading:

Guy Debord, “Society of the Spectacle” (excerpts)

Siegfried Kracauer, “The Mass Ornament”

Susan Sontag, “Notes on Camp”

Roland Barthes, “The Grain of the Voice”

Michel Chion, “The Three Listening Modes”

Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli, “Feminizing Fascism” from Unmaking Fascist Aesthetics

Carol Vernalis, excerpts from Experiencing Music Video: Aesthetics and Cultural Context

Tell me if you can’t find the movie resources, I will help you with that.



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