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Hi,have some accounting work that needs to be done. 2 parts in total.



Have some accounting work that needs to be done. 2 Parts in total. Instructions and Set is attached.
Part 1 : Complete the Edward’s Electrical Goods Pty Ltd Accounting Practice Set as per instructions
Part 2:Once you have completed the accounts as per the Accounting Practice Set, discuss

which parts of the Accounting cycle process could have been completed automatically by
using a computer software package such as ACCPAC or QuickBooks. Your answer should
make reference to any specific documents or statements found in Edward’s Electrical
Goods Pty Ltd accounts where this occurs.
As the firm is interested in developing an Accounting system in the near future, explain to
Edward Wright (the Managing Director of the company), the important phases in
implementing and maintaining an Accounting system and the factors that need to be
considered when developing such a system.
Your discussion of the above statements should in total be no more than 800 words in
length. (Show all references used). ***Harvard style referencing***


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