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Homework for phyllis young | Human Resource Management homework help


THIS PAPER WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN IT IN to verify authenticity and plagerism.   


This paper will summarize the findings of the first two power point presentations and incorporate them into a paper that will add an action plan of major tasks, persons or departments accountable for the actions, time to complete. The time line with be explained in a narrative manner but will also include an action plan in graphic plan such as a Gantt chart, PERT chart, excel spread sheet or just a list of tasks with relevant information.. Students will also identify no less than 3 metrics for the evaluation of the recommended transformation; explain the risks for not implementing the changes, the significance of the strategic and administrative role of Human Resources, and description of the resources needed for the transformation. 

     This paper can be used as a sample in a student e-portfolio to demonstrate knowledge of the strategic and administrative role of Human Resources. The paper is expected to be written in an academic style in APA format and include at least six scholarly sources and their respective in-text citations. 

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction and Purpose of the Paper
  3. Summary or Recap from Previous Presentations
  4. Summary of the Recommended Action Plan of Major Tasks, Persons or Departments Accountable, Time to Complete
  5. Metrics for Evaluating the Results of the Transformation
  6. Risks of Not Implementing the Changes
  7. Description of the Significance of Both the Strategic and Administrative Role of Human
  8. Resources Needed for the Transformation (People, Time, Money, Support from the Top)
  9. Summary and Conclusions
  10. Reference Page
  11. Appendix,  Timeline/Action Plan, Revised Organization Chart, SWOT Assessment Chart



This week a major paper is due.  A few of you have taken advantage of submitting the paper early and have received my feedback, if you are happy with the grade you are one ahead.  If not you can re-submit if you submitted your paper in week 6.    This is a written paper not a power point.  You will again be using the case study PAC and expanding one last time.   The items that state “Summary” please only give me a summary, do not re-post everything from the power points.  Items 5, 6, 7, and 8 will be new material that you will be submitting.


Item 11 asks for an appendix.  Yes, you need to include this and hopefully you will be referencing the appendix in your writing.  A time line is used to implement your proposed changes, so tell how you will begin changes, how it will be rolled out, how will you evaluate etc.



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