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Hrm for healthcare managers | Management homework help


You cannot receive full credit for number of postings if your contributions were insignificant, without reasoning, or showed little effort. Answer the following questions in your discussion.

Discussion questions (you must answer all parts of each question):

1. Suppose you are a manager at a low-budget healthcare setting, such as a local health department. How will you recruit new staff and motivate current employees when competitors in the area are able to pay 30 to 40 percent more than your organization can?

2. Suppose you are a staff nurse in a hospital that uses an incentive compensation system. Do you have an obligation to disclose the nature of the compensation arrangement with patients? If so, how should this information be communicated, and by whom?

3. How will you design a team-based compensation system such that free riders on the team cannot take advantage of the system? 

4. For a four-person surgical group, what kind of formula may be devised to fairly and consistently measure and reward productivity? What changes may be needed if one surgeon decides to perform more office work and less surgery?


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