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Hs assignment | Hs2500 | Ultimate Medical Academy-Tampa



What are the major HHS topics, personal values,
 and client/patient-centered behaviors related to the access
 and delivery of services that should be examined and evaluated? 




This    assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s modules and    textbook readings.



As an HHS    professional, you will be expected to understand topics related to how    services are accessed and delivered and to have the values and behaviors    that are required to be effective in the HHS field.






Chapter 8: The Action  Arrow: Right from the Beginning Help Clients Turn Talk into Life-Enhancing  Action
Answer the questions below by using  chapter 8 of your textbook.

1. A ____ is a practical plan to accomplish an  objective.       

☐ strategy

☐ dilemma

☐ duty

☐ none of these apply

2. Self-determination  and self-control are both essential for a client to make necessary _____ in  their life.       

☐ changes

☐ Intentions

☐ leeway

☐ none of  these apply

3. Clients  can sometimes ______ by putting off something they should be doing. This can  occur when they have too many things to do, and tend to do the things they  want to do, versus the things they need to do.       

☐ alleviate

☐ procrastinate

☐ alienate

☐ none of these apply

4. An  example of a response that would be helpful to a reluctant or resistant client  is _____.       

☐ helping  the client identify incentives or motivations for change

☐ openly  expressing your frustration with the client

☐ trying  to placate the client to repair the relationship

☐ doing  nothing, since these problem behaviors will disappear

5. Creating _______ is a good way to help  clients take action.       

☐ checklists

☐ pictures

☐ diagrams

☐ none of these apply


     Chapter 10: Stage II: Help Clients Design and Set  Problem-Managing Goals
Answer the questions below by using  chapter 10 of your textbook.

6. It’s important to help clients distinguish  needs from ______ when helping them set goals.      

☐ adaptability

☐ wants

☐ focus

☐ none of these apply

7. Setting appropriate goals leads to _____.       

☐ never having failures

☐ focusing on personal inadequacies

☐ resentment about having to reach them

☐ a search for a way to accomplish them

8. Goals help clients mobilize their energy  and direct their _____ to achieve their goals.       

☐ avoidance

☐ intelligence

☐ efforts

☐ none of these apply

9. It’s important to develop client goals that  are _____ and specific.       

☐ clear

☐ not personal

☐ fuzzy

☐ none of these apply

10. It’s  important to help clients develop ______ goals.        

☐ realistic

☐ unusual

☐ self-centered

☐ none of these apply


Reflect on what you have learned this  week to help you respond to the question below. You may choose to respond in  writing or by recording a video!

11. Explain  why goal-setting is so important to helping clients.         

Type answer here

12. Imagine  an issue that a client faces, list the problem and create three SMART goals to  help the client. Refer to the image below to review the parts of SMART Goals.            



Client Issue (3points)

SMART Goal to resolve issue (6 points)


Type answer here

Type answer here


Type answer here

Type answer here


Type answer here

Type answer here


Beyond SMART  Goals: How to Build Better Results. (2017, May 23). Retrieved October 17,  2018, from


Quotes about Smart Goals. (n.d.). Retrieved October 17,  2018, from goals




     Avoid Procrastination   
Review the content located in the link below, then  answer the following question.

13. One  of the biggest obstacles to goal achievement is procrastination. As you  progress through the HHS program, it’s important to practice strategies to  reduce your level of procrastination. Check out this link: (press  control/click to open the link). Explain how you avoid procrastination.


Type answer here


 Research Journal
Reflect on what you have learned this  week to help you respond to the question below. This assignment is part three  of a five-part paper you will create throughout this course. 

14. Consider  the field of Health and Human Services. Working in the HHS field, what kind of  people do want to work with (examples include but are not limited to:  children, elderly, substance abuse clients, people living in poverty, homeless  clients, clients with substance abuse issues, etc.) with and why do you feel  strongly about helping those people? Search the internet for a problem that  they face and explain what kind of help is available to them. Explain why you  chose that example.           

Type answer here

15. Cite  the example you find in APA format.           

Note: use the citation generator to help you cite your  resources. 

Type answer here


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