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Hw schedule | Applied Sciences homework help


Keep track of your daily activities for one week (keep an activity log accounting for every 20 minute period of your day, use a spreadsheet).

Then consolidate all activities onto one schedule and add the total time spent on each activity.  Then label that activity as to its quadrant as identified by Covey’s time management matrix.  For example:

Sleep                       22hrs. 20min   Q2

TV/Movies/Games  20hrs. 50min   Q4

Phone/Texting         8hrs. 10min   Q3

Eating                      3hrs.  40min   Q2

School                    11hrs.  30min  Q1???

Homework               0hrs.  10min  Q1

etc. There should be many more activities.

Total your time by quadrant, as well.

Please use the Use of Time Template Excel document below. 


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