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I have several questions on the cask of amontillado




i need the below questions answered by 7:00 PM EST. Please let me know if this can be done. I prefer someone who has great reviews in English. 



1. At what point in the story do you find Montresor most disturbing? Explain.

2. How does Montresor describe Fortunato’s strengths and weaknesses early in the story? Which character traits make Fortunato easy prey for Montresor?

3. What specific steps does Montresor take to ensure that his plan works? Why does Montresor keep urging Fortunato to turn back?

4. Why does Montresor hate Fortunato? Why does Montresor feel he has the right to punish Fortunato? Does Montresor express any regret or ever question whether this punishment is just or rational?

5. Montresor acts as both judge and executioner in this story. Explain whether you think individuals are ever justified in taking justice into their own hands.

Literary Analysis

6. Using a chart like the one shown, identify two key events in the rising action, one event in the falling action, and the event that marks the climax. Then,trade charts with a partner and discuss the reasons why you chose the events that you did. Finally, explain to your partner how your understanding of the story has or has not changed as a result of the discussion.

7. Identify a statement or an event that foreshadows Fortunato’s fate. How does foreshadowing add to the suspense ? Explain.



Thank you






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