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In adults how does sufficient sleep compared with insufficient sleep influence health outcomes within one year?


Select a health care issue relevant to nursing (a clinical problem from your practice or topic selected after review of current professional literature dealing with the topic). Keep in mind that this is not a research paper, but a quantitative research PROPOSAL (may be a quality improvement or EBP research).

Select five primary published reports of research, preferably nursing, which are:
1. Primary research sources. Secondary sources may provide direction to potential primary sources, but you must have a minimum of 5 primary sources. If you do not understand what constitutes a primary report of a research study, please refer to your book for clarification.
2. Current (publications no more than 5 years old) and with at least one nurse as an author, nursing journals are preferred but not solely required. Contact faculty with questions.
3. Articles should originate from countries that are primarily English-speaking. Any exceptions must be approved by the faculty.
4. PICOT and 5 primary research studies (quantitative or qualitative) must be approved by course faculty. The research articles will be utilized as the literature review for the proposal. The literature review will be succinct and limited to about 5 pages, as it is just one portion of the proposal itself.

The proposal must be 12-15 pages long, not including the title page, abstract, and reference pages. There will be a deduction of 1 point per page if it is over or under the 12-15-page limit. Proper APA format (7th Edition) must be followed (use the student paper guidelines but include an abstract).

The paper must be submitted on or before the due date indicated on the course schedule. Any extensions must be requested in writing and receive written instructor approval prior to the due date. Late papers will have 5 %-point deduction per day. There are 100 total points. There will be no exceptions to these criteria.


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