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Indepth exam | Human Resource Management homework help


In-depth exam organizational behaviors. There are five essay style questions  the anwers need to be a miniuim of 3 paragraphs each. A paragraph is more than five lines it need to be more like 7 to 8 lines or more to be considered a paragraph. No plarigism, citataions, references page, and grammicatly correct. Time is of the essecence. no expections!! You have to use organization behavior terminlogy. and answers have to be in-depth.


I attach chapters to assist you in answering the question you may use outside references.




1.What are the five emerging issues in jobs and the design of work.  Provide an example of each


(Five emerging issues in jobs and the design of work include telecommuting, alternative work patterns, technology at work, task revision, and skill development.)



2. Discuss the nature of emerging organizational structures and provide an example of each.  Discuss the potential implications


3. Contrast adaptive and nonadaptive cultures.  Be specific and provide examples of each and discuss the potential implications


4.What is the key to career survival? Be specific


5.If you were in charge of designing the ideal management development program, what topics would you include and why? Be specific



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