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Information system -6 | Computer Science homework help



Submit a paper with two pages of information, in APA format. Include a cover page, an abstract statement, and references (five pages total, including a separate title page, a separate abstract page, a separate references page, and two pages with your research findings. Consult and list at least three references.)

*For assignment 6, if you like, you can work in groups of two or three students. Each student should do part of the research and one student can compile the paper into a readable document. Put each team member’s name on the title page. Each person must submit the document on Canvas. In the assignment comments, tell what each person contributed to the document. All students will earn the same grade.

Include these topics in your paper:

Explain how businesses use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to remain in contact with customers and remain competitive, especially during Covid?

Explain the importance of supply chain management (SCM). What supply chain issues have companies been dealing with in the last two years? How have companies used information systems and SCM to deal with supply chain problems?


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