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Internet research assignment #1: cybercrimes


Ransomware attacks on the United States, state and local governments since 2013 and are increasing at an alarming rate. Research ransomware attacks on three federal or state jurisdictions, with one of them being the City of Baltimore.

For this assignment, you are to describe ransomware, what impact did these attacks have on the three jurisdictions in terms of cost and lost revenue, did these municipalities pay the ransom amount demanded or did they try and recover from the attack without paying the ransom. If so, how much did the data recovery cost the municipality, and lastly, what would you do if you were the governor or mayor of this ransomware attack…pay or not pay.

This paper should be at least three pages long, double spaced, with your name, date, and title included as a header, page numbering in the footer in the form of page x of y, and have references cited per APA formatting guidelines. You must use a minimum of five references and none of them can be Wikipedia.


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