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Intro to internet applications com-340-dl01 programming exercise 2


Programming exercise 2

4.5 Write a CSS rule that gives all h1 and h2 elements a padding of 0.5 ems, a dashed border

style and a margin of 0.5 ems.

4.6 Write a CSS rule that changes the color of all elements containing attribute class = “green-

Move” to green and shifts them down 25 pixels and right 15 pixels.

5.3 (Text Shadow) Create a text shadow on the phrase “New features in CSS3” with a horizontal

offset of 2px, a vertical offset of 5px, a blur radius of 6px and a text-shadow color deepskyblue.


5.4 (Text Stroke)Create a text stroke on the phrase “New WebKit features”. Make the color of

the text LightBlue. Use a 3px Navy text-stroke and set the font-size to 700%.


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