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Introduction cloud computing (mw 3:30 – 5:20 summer2021)


20 points. All due time is Central Daylight Time (CDT) at the end of the day specified. 

This is the first async technical discussions. Students

does not allow to edit own published post, but can continue post in his/her own thread

must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum.

can subscribe to threads, but not the forum as a whole.

Study 2020 and 2021 state of the cloud reports in “References” of “Course Information”. Each student

create a thread to discuss some points or ask questions after you have learned the reports and additional references by Thursday, May 20.

write the discussion based on your own understanding.

do not summarize the reports. Instead, try to discuss 1-2 points thoroughly and find additional references to support your discussion and statements. Please include the URLs to the resources. However, do not overwhelm.

ask questions or challenge your classmates, but make sure you response others’ discussion under your thread.

follow up post in at least 2 others’ threads by Sunday, May 23.

minimal 3 posts, 1 original post and 2 follow-up posts, for credits.

Discussion Rubric:

Initial Post (50%)

Demonstrates judgment: Full credit

Creates approximately 500 words

Followup Post (50%):       

Responds to at least two other students’ post and demonstrates judgment: Full credit

While two quality responses are the minimal requirement for full credit, the goal is to have interactive discussion. It is suggested to subscribe your own thread and also the ones you comment on.

Answer/follow up the discussion in your own thread if receiving questions/comments from classmates.


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