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Introduction to Psychology – Varsity Term Papers


Leslie Hall
Lansing Community College
Introduction to Psychology
Students are responsible for writing 1 five-page paper on a topic to be agreed upon by
the student and the instructor. The paper must critically review the research and answer
the following questions:
1) What is your topic? Why did you choose this topic?
2) How many individuals are impacted by this diagnosis?
3) What is the typical age of onset?
4) What is the standard therapeutic treatment for this diagnosis?
5) What medications, if any, are typically prescribed for this diagnosis by a
psychiatrist? What are ‘typical’ side effects of the medication? If the literature
discusses lack of compliance as a concern, why would clients not wish to comply
with treatment?
6) What is the prognosis (do individuals get better? Yes? No?) for individuals with
this diagnosis?
7) Are there employment/housing/relationship barriers when the individual is
showing symptoms?
8) What is the stigma ( or prejudice) in popular culture (television, etc) regarding this
Five peer reviewed sources are required for this paper.
The purpose of this assignment is to explore an issue from a psychological perspective
that we have or will cover in the course. It is important to demonstrate both critical
thinking in your writing as well as understanding/comprehension of your subject.
I am available for individual assistance—please do not hesitate to contact me.
Tip: If you search the LCC data-base for material, you can restrict your search to peerreviewed journals by checking a box entitled: ‘peer-reviewed’. You can also restrict your
search to full-text by also selecting a box. Many peer-reviewed journals also have the
title of “Journal” in their title. Some examples:
• Journal of Counseling Psychology
• Journal of Social Work
• Journal of Abnormal Psychology
• Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
Your paper must be in American Psychological Association format and your
sources must be within the last five years. You do not need to write an abstract,
however, of your work.


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