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Jane part 2 | Nursing homework help


I’ve always been a big fan of comparing books to movies. I think that many of us enjoy doing that, comparing how the book included something incredibly valuable that was missing in the movie version, or how something in the movie really helped you to grasp a character a little more. While the two pieces of media, books and movies, can never be the same, that’s part of the joy in going to see your favorite book retold onscreen–we like seeing retellings of our favorite things, and experiencing things we love in new and unexpected ways. 

For this week’s discussion board, I am asking you to compare the 2011 trailer for Jane Eyre (please do not think you have to rush out and watch the entire DVD! I know you are busy. If you want to watch the DVD, feel free to do so, but it is not necessary for this class) and the 1996 trailer

with what you have read of Jane Eyre so far, and to also compare your own understanding of Jane Eyre with how the trailer itself portrays it–what the trailer leaves out, what it includes, what you see and hear that adds to the vibe the railer is going for. 

Here are the questions I’ll be looking to see you answer in your response: 

1) Based off of the trailers alone, what genre would you think Jane Eyre was? Talk about how the 1996 trailer and the 2011 differ in how they portray the novel. 

2) Referring back to this week’s lecture PowerPoint, what gothic tropes do you see in Jane Eyre [the text]? How does this compare to the trailers? 

3) Which trailer do you think most accurately portrays Jane Eyre as you understand it–the 1996 trailer, or the 2011 trailer, or neither? Why? 

4) Leaving aside the trailers for a moment, what gothic tropes have you seen in the text so far? Be sure to include a quote and a page number, and talk about why that specific trope stood out to you. 

As always, please be sure to respond to two (2) of your peers. Ideally, you’ll want to make your initial post by Thursday or Friday, and then make sure you get your responses in by Sunday. 

The DB is due on Sunday, and will automatically close at 11:59 p.m. 

Link to the trailers:


then attached you need to response to two students and there are two short answer questions that need to be answered as well 


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