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Journal 7-13 each journal just one paragraph and answer the question



its all from the novel “girl in translation”

u have to answer each journal question(#7-#9 are in the attachment i give u)

and each journal just write one paragraph, dont need to be so long,

#10: Why do people many times take advantage of somebody else even though they are in the same community?

#11: Describe Curt’s party. What decision does Kim make that her feel like a “normal” teenager? Is she making a good choice by going to this party? Explain.

#12: Kimberly’s life takes a dramatic turn. Explain her many changes in fortune. What would you do?

#13: What does the author lead us to believe Kim will do? Read the Epilogue…Now, read the prologue again. Explain what Kimberly’s current situation is and who the little girl in the window is. Did she make the right choice? Explain


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