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Journal entry 10 | English homework help



In two paragraphs, respond to one (1) of the prompts below. Journal entries must contain proper grammar, spelling and capitalization. 

1. Would you describe your relationship with your partner as one of choice or circumstance? Has it changed? What initially attracted you to your partner (i.e. short-term attraction, etc.)? (Think about interpersonal attraction, which holds true for friendships as well as romantic relationships.) Are any of those short-term factors still an issue? Have different factors emerged as your relationship developed (long-term attraction)?

2. Brainstorm some of the turning points that you have experienced in both the escalation and de-escalation (coming together and coming apart) stages of your relationship with your partner. Identify the relational stages in which the turning points occurred. How significant an impact are turning points in the development of your relationship?


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