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Lab 5: 2-d kinematics and projectile motion



Lab 5: 2-D Kinematics and Projectile Motion

Pre-Lab Questions

1. predicting the velocity of the ball (vf

2. Deriving the general equation for the time it takes the ball to drop from rest at vertical height, h, to reach the ground.

3.  A general equation for the distance traveled by a projectile that is rolling off a table of height, h, with a horizontal speed, v0x.

Experiment 1: Distance Traveled by a Projectile 

Data Tables and Post-Lab Assessment

Table 1: Range and Velocity of Projectile at Ramp Distance 1

Table 2: Range and Velocity of Projectile at Ramp Distance 2

Table 3: Range and Velocity of Projectile at Ramp Distance 

Post-Lab Questions

1. Completing Table 4.

Table 4: Velocity and Range Data for all Ramp Distances

2. Comparison of predictions and observed data.

3. Firing a paintball pellet horizontally and dropping a paintball pellet

4. Marbles having twice their initial velocity

5. Description of the acceleration of the marble after it leaves the ramp. 

Experiment 2: Squeeze RocketTM Projectiles 

Data Tables and Post-Lab Assessment

Table 5: Projectile Data for Rockets with Different Launch Angles

Post-Lab Questions

1. Angle with greatest and least range

2. Role of air resistance 

3.  Additional sources of error

4. How could kickers on a football team use their knowledge of physics to better their game? List at least two other examples in sports or other applications where this information would be important or useful.


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