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Leadership movie | Management homework help


 In order to participate in this discussion, first do the previous readings and then view the film The Devil Wears Prada (2006: (Links to an external site.)).  Don’t forget to take notes on this film, especially noting scenes where personality is important.  

 Unlike any other recent film, The Devil Wears Prada presents an image of two women:  one is a powerful women who is not only a chief executive but a luminary in her industry; the other woman is learning the ropes as a subordinate in the opportunity of a lifetime that she is not sure she wants.   


This film begs the same questions over and over:

  1. If Miranda were a man, would she be treated the same? 
  2. If Andy were a man would she see the opportunity differently?
  3. If Andy were a man, would her relationships be the same? 
  4. So how does this film help you understand the challenges of women in leadership better? Did it expose anything new?  
  5. And are there elements of “performativity” that you fin to be important?


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