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Legal reform in revolutionary america (and the early republic)


Worksheet #3 

1. What was the Enlightenment? How did it affect the way society treats criminals and crimes? 

2. Creating order was important to Enlightenment thinkers. Order in courts, society, science played heavily in re-thinking criminals and crime. This was one of the reasons that criminologist sought to reform courts – specifically with limiting judicial discretion. According to philosophers, why was judicial discretion detrimental in preventing crime? 

3. According to Beccaria, the best way to prevent crime was what? Use at least one quote from the reading. 

4. Think back to the episode of Star Trek. Pretend you are Beccaria and write a short Rotten Tomatoes review of the episode. You must use Beccaria’s language (through quotes or specific ideas) to write the review. 


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