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Letter to a stakeholder/advocacy letter | english 302 | George Mason University



Call to Action—motivate a specific stakeholder to make a much-needed to change

Now that you’ve thoroughly researched a current (within the last two years) issue within your field, you’re ready to decide on the needed course of action. You will now write to a specific person (or small group) to argue for the action that needs to be taken. Your audience must have the power to enact the action you will recommend. * You do not need to solve the problem.* You are persuading a person who has the power to at least take the first step in initiating change. 

In this letter, you will be arguing for a much-needed change to someone who has the power to make that change. The change you are arguing for is about the issue within your field you’ve been researching.


Stakeholder/The one who has the power to take the first step:

You will make this argument to someone (or a specific group) who could make this change or at least take the first step to making this change happen


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