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M4 what makes an effective leader?


 Introduction: Set the stage for what you will be sharing regarding effective leadership. Approximately 150-200 words and at least one current and reliable citation.

Characteristics of Effective leadership: This is a literature review of the key characteristics of effective leaders. How many traits or characteristics? Research four characteristics of effective leadership. Each trait should be about 150 words and have at least one current and reliable citation.

Evidence of Interview: The evidence of interviews is where you share a paragraph on what you learned from your interview. You can draw from your application assignment to help with this portion. The summary of that application assignment is appropriate. Length is about 200 words.

Comparison of Interview Results: Since there are no other team members for comparison, this portion will be slightly different. Your comparison will be with the four characteristics you researched and what you learned about your interviewed leader. What was consistent, what wasn’t consistent, how was your leader different or similar regarding the characteristics, what does this mean, etc.? (Those are just starter ideas). Length is about 200 words. You will need to cite references to your interview as well as to the traits and characteristics from the earlier section.

Conclusion: This should be a good summary of what your team learned overall about effective leadership. Target 150-200 words and at least one current and reliable citation. 


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