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Major assignment 3: content landscape analysis


1.  Pose some questions you wish to address in your research, e.g., — remember, your audit covers any THREE of these areas, one of which is content value. You choose the other two or more if you wish.

○  Content value: how appealing is the content for its target audience? — you will have to identify the target audience and include in your report how you know that this is the target audience

○  Visual design: how well does the website adopt modern  web aesthetics, including mobile responsiveness, layout, color scheme, use of white space, and use of images?

○  Usability: how appealing are the actions users can take on the website for a target audience? See

○   (Links to an external site.)

○   for  of concepts of user interface elements

○  Progressive Disclosure

○  Culturally Responsive Design

○  Content prioritization 

○  Typography: how well does the website use fonts? Are they appropriate? Appealing? Readable?


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