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Marketing business to business | Marketing homework help


·  Read Chapter One and Two in the textbook.

·  Respond to this assignment with a single-spaced, typed document. Most well-thought out responses require at least one full page.

·  Submit your response to the professor through Canvas via File Upload. Assignments submitted in any other way will NOT BE ACCEPTED. Late assignments will also NOT BE accepted.  You are welcome to work ahead in this class, but please know that we must strictly enforce the late policy. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Chapter One Assignment:  Describe the key elements of a customer value proposition. Next, explain points of parity as well as points of difference in value propositions. Pick a B-2-B company, do a little homework on the company and then take a shot writing out a value-proposition statement for this company.

Finally, evaluate this statement…”Marketing must begin to think about value propositions that go beyond the value of using the product or service being sold; marketers must begin to think about their value-propositions in upstream stages of organizational buying that illustrates how the company can help buyers long before they actually buy the product/service?”  Agree or disagree?  Can you think of any companies that do a good job helping customers long before they actually buy the product (thinking of a B-2-C example is fine here).


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