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Mcj5390 unit viii case study




For this assignment, consider the role, responsibility, and perspective of the criminal justice administrator (i.e., police chief or sheriff) in your municipality. You are tasked with identifying the plan and budget for the agency that accounts for threats of domestic terrorism. 

To accomplish this, you will need to research your local (i.e., city, county, or state) law enforcement agency and the applicable fusion center to determine the connection that exists between budget allocation and the threat of terrorism. Use this information to analyze the threats that your agency plans and prepares for, and determine how training and response to these threats are budgeted. Most law enforcement agency budgets and fusion center budgets are public record and are easily obtained online; however, you may need to do some deeper research to obtain all of the information needed for this assignment.

Your case study should address the items below.

  1. Identify your location and the      law enforcement agency that you selected.
  2. Discuss the terrorist or      homeland security threats that apply to your area and how they are      specifically addressed through department policy, procedures, and      training. 
  3. Examine the role of the law      enforcement administrator or leader (e.g., sheriff, police chief) in      protecting the community from a terrorist incident. Address his or her      potential concerns regarding the safety of the community and his or her      officers in a terrorist incident. 
  4. Identify the external resources      (fusion center resources and others) that could be tapped by law      enforcement leadership in the event of a terrorist incident.
  5. Determine how terrorist      incident response, preparation, and training are budgeted. Are these items      specifically allocated, or do they fall under the general category line items      such as overtime and training? What other factors must an administrator      consider when creating the fiscal budget that could possibly interfere      with terrorism budget allocation?
  6. Finally, take into      consideration everything you have learned in this course about the role      and responsibilities of a criminal justice administrator, the value of      community policing, and the importance of the agency leadership having a      positive influence on personnel and policy. With this in mind, propose two      changes to the current way in which the threat of terrorism is handled and      budgeted for in your local agency. Support your recommendations with a      strong argument and evidence.

Your case study must be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. A minimum of three sources will be used and must be properly cited. The case study, including all references, should be formatted in APA Style.


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