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Merck | Management homework help



Merck Case

Due: Beginning of class on Tuesday, January 18.

Deliverable: A word document limited to two pages single-spaced maximum (12 point font, 1 inch margins). Material limited to that in the case report only.

Work with others: Discuss with fellow students but provide your own individual reports.

2 Assignment questions:

  1. Evaluate the open innovation approach: Under what conditions would open innovation make more sense than internal/organic innovation? Why?
  2. How does the Schering-Plough merger fit into an open innovation growth approach?


Consider internal resource relevance table 2-1 for answering Question 1 and Figure 1-1 in the book for answering Question 2.


Grades will focus on the use of class concepts, the accuracy and development of answers, and professionalism of report. 

Answers with non-case material will receive no credit.

Late reports, defined as those submitted after the class discussion of the case report begins, will not be accepted.

See syllabus for letter grade criteria and requirements.


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