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Mgmt452 “what you would do” paper


double-spaced, 12-pt font size, APA format 5 pages. The details of the requirement are in the browsed files. Don’t forget to use references. and hits the grading requirement. 


I know you are in the process of writing your paper. You will be learning a lot about your organization and leadership through this assignment.  I am providing some tips that will be of help to you.

  1. Include headers in your paper to guide yourself (the author) and me (the reader). Using headers will help ensure you do not overlook requirements for which I will be awarding points.
  2. Cite your sources in the paper and include a bibliography or reference section at the end of the paper. Use APA format.
  3. When applying course concepts, refer to your notes, the powerpoints, articles, and scholarly studies so you can discuss them in depth.  For example, if you are going to recommend Path-Goal theory, you will need to go beyond a simple definition. I will expect you to assess the two contingencies (follower and task) and apply the most appropriate leadership style, and then tell me WHY you feel that style would be beneficial as it relates to your org or its leader.
  4. You do NOT need to write an abstract for the paper.
  5. I do award substantial points for your ability to support your recommendations with actual research studies.  You can search articles on Google Scholar and on our campus library’s website.

Below, I am offering some headers you could consider for your outline:

Background (tell me about the organization and the key leadership issues that are having a negative influence on the org and its employees in a page or less)

Analysis:  This section is where you state the leadership theories that are being violated – e.g., leader has a bottom-line ethics mentality, leader has theory x and old management paradigm view, Herzberg’s hygiene factors are deficient, leader is not engaging in consideration behaviors, etc. (be sure you explain each theory in detail as if I know nothing about it)

Recommendations or What I would Do: This is where you apply the leadership theories that have the most relevance for improving the situation. Again, cite several theories that have the most relevance and state WHY you are making those recommendations. Your choices should be aligned with the problems identified in your analysis section.

Research Support: For each recommendation above, you should find an article that shows the positive benefits of your recommendation. For example, if you are citing Herzberg’s motivator factors as one recommendation, and to ensure hygiene factors are sufficient, find an article that shows the benefits of doing so. Include a summary of the article or study in your paper in your own words.

Conclusion: Include one final paragraph that summarizes your thoughts/actions.


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