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Module 4 | Philosophy homework help


 As we’ve seen in this module, Descartes was interested in finding a way to know what is absolutely true beyond a doubt.  Think about your own beliefs – is there anything that you (think you) know with absolute certainty? Something that you consider true beyond any doubt whatsoever? Present one of your most strongly held beliefs and explain why you think you have absolute certainty on this matter.  How would you go about proving to someone else that this belief is true–what proof would you offer? If it turns out that you don’t believe it’s possible to be absolutely certain about this belief, then explain what holds you back from certainty. Next, answer the question of what do you think Descartes would say about your belief and your method of trying to prove that it is true? Makes sure your comment(s) about Descartes’ show you understand something about his epistemological method. 


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