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Module 5 activity and module 6 muse



Module 5 Activity

Complete the Breaking the Prejudice Habit-Physical Appearance Categorization Activity.

For the discussion part of this assignment, pick one (1) of the four A-B photo groups featured. Carefully assess each person’s racial and/or physical characteristics in the single photo group you chose. Next, answer at least three (3) of the following questions (a min. of 1-2 sentences each) based on your assessment of the two people featured in the photo group.

  • In the photo group, what racial   characteristics stood out to you the most (e.g., skin color, hair texture, facial features)?
  • In the photo group, what physical  characteristics stood out to you the most (e.g. clothing condition, hairstyle, body language, accessories)?
  • Based on each person’s racial and/or physical characteristics, how might your interactions with these persons be the      same/different if you were to meet them in real life (e.g., do you believe that would you treat them differently)?
  • Is it possible that racial and/or physical characteristics can affect your judgment of a person based on first sight?      Why or why not?
  • Have you ever felt judged based on your own  racial and/or physical characteristics? Please explain.
  • Think about the racially, socially, and physically-charged roles, biases, and stereotypes that are part of our      everyday cultural script. What are some (i.e., roles, biases, and      stereotypes) that you can identify within the photo group you chose?
  • If an older generation of people (e.g., your      parents or grandparents) were to view the same photo group, do you think      they would make the same racial and physical observations that you did?      Why or why not?

Module 6 MUSE

Based on the previous module lectures and videos about income inequality, please comment on the differences between how poverty affects health disparities versus how income inequality affects health disparities.


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