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Module 7 discussion group b | Professional Nursing | Rasmussen College System



Tina  is 5 years old, lives with her mother and grandmother. Mother works 2  jobs to help support her mother and her daughter. Tina is well cared for  but is now admitted for a cardiac catheterization due to the  Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) that was noted at birth.

Tina  has an extensive history of respiratory infections and a nursing  diagnosis of ‘activity intolerance’. Her mother relates that she does  not allow her to play organized or competitive games due to her health.  Tina smiles broadly when you come in the room to begin the pre-operative  checklist. She starts to ask you a question when her grandmother tells  her she must stay in the bed. “The nurse knows what she is doing and you  will just be in the way.” Tina continues to smile at you but moves back  to the bed.

You have identified some unique family dynamics, please relate.

What is the Erikson developmental level that Tina should exhibit? And where do you think she is?

How can you assist in the developmental growth?

What education can you give to Tina and her grandmother pre operatively?

What will she expect post operatively?

      This paper is to be 500 words APA style with references. 20 points. 


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