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Movies For Child Education – Varsity Term Papers


This assignment is due today in 7 hours….. no extended time for this 

Child education: 

 minimum 3/4 of page Answer the questions below thoroughly

FILM: Raising Cain

FILM:  The Mask you Live in

 A barrage of stereotypes and aggressive masculine typecasting is damaging not only boys, but society at large.

  1. Was there any one aspect or moment in  RAISING CAIN orTHE MASK YOU LIVE IN that resounded the most within you? Were there any statements or facts that you found shocking? Which aspects of the film were you already familiar with?
  2. What is your definition of masculinity? How has your present-day definition of this word been informed? Have you actively challenged societal concepts of masculinity, or do you feel you have taken a more passive approach and absorbed gender norms? Why and How?
  3. How has your perspective changed by watching and reflecting upon these films? How will your new perspective influence the way you teach and work with young boys?               


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