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Msm 6645 individual final project


 The final case is an individual project, you will develop a proposal to improve a process. We talk about work examples as they apply continuous improvement and Baldrige from your experience throughout this course; your final project is an application of what we learn in this course and applied to a work situation based on your experience in a previous or past organization. Yes, this is probably unlike anything you have previously developed in a graduate course because it is a direct application that uses information from this class to help you improve a work situation through your leadership.
You will identify a problem by the end of week three (and post this in the designated area of the discussion board) that requires a TQM/CI process improvement initiative through an organization with which you are/were associated. Remember: THIS IS A PROPOSAL – you will not be providing results and outcomes; instead, you are making a proposal that will include ways to measures for these results. I always direct students to choose a topic that is either good for your organization or good for your career. This is not busy work. Instead, this is meant to be a substantive piece that can be developed for work and can be used to help you enhance your opportunities for success (and it should go on your resume). You will develop the case by clearly explaining the problem and by building a continuous improvement proposal that you can use immediately by integrating assessment models, a SWOT, Baldrige, quality tools and proposed ways to measure outcomes. If you already have completed the change class (MSM 6635 or MGT 6681), use what you already learned. A list of required components as they relate to format and writing in general can be found in the project rubric and these instructions which will be used to grade this case. 


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