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Msm df5 | Management homework help


Please refer to textbook ( the page numbers she uses do not match the online textbook version so please find the correct pages, if help is need please let me know): 



Introduction to the Activity

Change elicits both mental and emotional resistance to change. Effective change leaders embrace quality communication as a method to help manage the negative mental and emotional perceptions surrounding change. If the features of communication networks is understood and incorporated into a plan for change, there is a higher likelihood of managing these perceptions effectively.

Consider the Following:

Using the failed change initiative that you discussed in Module 1 Discussion Forum 1, do the following:

  • Evaluate the communication directionality, role, content, and channel.
  • Identify the communication strategy used.
  • Discuss the interpersonal effects on the quality of the communication.
  • At this point, you have identified multiple points of failure in the communication plan used. Now, create a new communication plan using your knowledge from this module.
  • Identify why and how this new plan would have increased the sense of urgency that employees had about the change.
  • Finish your post with a discussion of how this new communication plan would motivate employees to engage in the process of change in a way that would have helped the change be successful.


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