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Music program | English homework help


·1. An esay or research paper on an aspect of world music 1200 words


Because they say it is world music, I love Japanese music very much, so I think Japanese music, especially the music in the famous Japanese animation, has a great impact on the world. So you can choose some very well-known animation episodes, opening songs, or ending songs. Then, after listening, write your feelings, investigate the historical background of this episode, and find some specific examples to prove the impact of Asian music on the music of the world. At the same time, you can also say some of the arranger’s mental journey, because what inspired him to create such excellent music works. Finally, find some examples to illustrate how we can improve our music literacy. How to create music that affects the world.

2. When you submit your project, you will also submit a short explanatory esay that explains what you did, why you settled on this particular topic and approach, and what your process was like in producing this unessay. If you chose to do a standard easy, this additional statement is a place to be more open about the process you used in your research and writing. Your statement should be 1-2 pages long. 


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