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Nanomedicine – Varsity Term Papers



 When it comes to explaining what nanotechnology is, I am not too sure how to define it without the explanation being cumbersome. In non-technical language, nanotechnology simply means technology to do with small things. An emerging branch of science, it involves functioning at the cellular, atomic and molecular levels and the concept of employing nanotechnology in biomedical research and clinical practice is best known as nanomedicine (Teli et al., 2010). Kavallaris et al. (2017) further defines nanomedicine as the application of nanomaterials, or nanoparticles, to medicine. Yen et al. (2017) mentioned that since health information technology (HIT) deals with the storage, retrieval, sharing, and use of health care information data and is knowledge used for communication and decision making then nanoinformatics (HIT and nanotechnology combined) when applied in the field of nanomedicine could potentially make a major impact to human health. Maojo et al. (2012) stated that nanomedicine raises numerous challenges and HIT and informatics will be greatly needed. 

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