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Paper must be done on Ford:(the car company)First please read all detail.
price is the same

Organizations that are traded on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) have a plethora of information). The student’s written work should be approximately 10 pages. The analysis will include the following:

 Brief History about the company

An executive summary or abstract could be used as your title and cover page.

• Planning and budgeting concerns of the company found in Annual Report or in company articles

• The company’s Financial Ratios and an industry comparison of the ratios. ROE will suffice.

• Main products of the company. If there are many products, a synopsis will suffice.

• Financial strategy and/or overall strategy of the company (SWOT analysis). SWOT should be easy to find.

• Future prospects of the company based on your own opinion or relevant research such as Value Line or other financial periodicals. This is your personal recommendation and could be based on your analysis if you deem necessary.

• Current Stock price or a plotting of the stock price. This can be found very easily just by asking SIRI.

• Do you recommend this company as a buy, sell, or hold type of stock? Perhaps you would not even invest in this company.

• Concluding thoughts, this is where students can add anything they feel about the company they have researched: Discussion

• What you learned from the project. This is your own reflection.

• References (Cite all references in your paper using APA format). This could be part of the ten pages.

• Appendix (Include things you feel are relevant to your analysis). This should not be part of the ten pages.


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