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Need in 7 hours | Human Resource Management homework help


 Start developing your proposed research question. Share your problem and purpose statements, and how you believe your research question is aligned. Ask for feedback, advice, and directional insight from your peers. 


Problem Statement:  

Purpose Statement:  

Research Questions



The main problem that leadership has been happening in administration is adapting and conveying a change in the organization. A change management plan involves developing strategic inputs and theories that can be utilized to sustain change and change organizational behaviour in a way that all the people feel valued and a part of the more prominent organization. However, it is never easy to implement change, mainly in an organization with diversity and a leadership style that does not adopt communication. In that case, the development of strategies and leadership inputs in change management is a topic that requires deep insight and strategic management (Hayes, 2018).

The topic is chosen based on the fact that it is living under the fourth industrial revolution. So many aspects and technological advancements have made it a good deal to manage and control how organizations operate and employees’ involvement and role. Thus, taking the incentive to work the inputs is worth the research (Hayes, 2018).


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