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Course: Principles of Sociology

1-Comprehensively summarize the chapter content on page one

2-Analyze relevant content from your summary on pages two. 

3-Conclude your comprehensive summary on page three

4-Always present proof (paraphrase or quotations) from the book to support your point. 

5-Use the questions below to guide you in your review. You do not have to answer all questions. 

However, answering many of these questions, will produce a comprehensive chapter review

-Identify the topics and thesis of the chapter. Why did the author(s) write the chapter? What 

point of view or position does he/she/they take on the topic? Summarize the content of the 

chapter (look the reading on this topic). What is discussed first, second, third? How is the theme 

of the chapter introduced? How does the chapter end? Do not evaluate yet, just tell us what is in 

the chapter. Consult the table of contents to help you summarize (if available). What are the 

author’s(s’) sources of information? What are the credentials for writing about this topic with 

authority? How was the information gathered about this topic?


-Now provide an analysis of the chapter: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the 

author’s(s’) position? What types of questions would you ask the author(s) to help clarify your 

understanding? With what do you agree (summarize for us the arguments that compel your 

agreement)? Do you disagree with any of the author’s statements? What are they and what is the 

nature of your disagreement? What sources support your position? Is this chapter content sound? 

What sources are used to support the author’s position? Do you think these sources are 

interpreted correctly? Who would you recommend read this chapter and why? Should we 

continue to use this chapter as a part of our class reading in the future? Why? 


-Conclude your comprehensive Institution Chapter Review (and Summary). May not need the 

entire page (half a page would suffice) 

The chapter review should be three pages in length double space


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