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Nonprofit leadership and management. david o renz. (that is the bok)


 For your original thread, write a 2-paragraph summary of a topic or theme from the week’s course readings and resources that is of particular interest or relevance to you. Use these Bold headings to format and organize your summary (include them in your post): Read Renz Chapters 9 and 13.

Theme: Define the theme or concept you have chosen from the course materials and why it prompted your interest.

Relevance: Describe how this theme applies to issues in public sector environments.

References: Throughout your post, cite sources from the readings and course materials that support the points you raise in your post. When citing course texts in your post, use (Author, page). For other sources, use (Author, year). At the end of your 2-paragraph summary, list all sources that you cited in your post (APA format).

since it will involves readings,  ntaongezea CPP kiac if you will manage.

Nonprofit leadership and management.  David O renz. (that is the bok) and the attached file contains the chapter 9 & 13 readings 

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