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Objectives: appraise the relationship of travel in the international


Current Issue Discussion

For some of the class sessions, your will post a one page summary of a current article or issue you have researched, read, or listened. These international issues must be hospitality related and reflect to the objectives of the week. It is important to provide your comments. Please cite the reference where you obtained the information.

Assignments will be graded based on the following:

Reflection to weekly learning objectives-50%

Length of article summary at least a half page-25%

Length of personal comments at least a half page-25%



Please find the articles yourself and disucss the issue below and please cite and quote properly.


Current issue

Objectives: Appraise the relationship of travel in the international hotel and restaurant industry.

Reflection: Find a current issue and write a one-page summary with your comments.

Response: respond to one of your peers’ issues.


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