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One concert should be a performance of western classical music, and


 One concert should be a performance of Western classical music, and the other can be a performance of your choice. Once you have decided on your concerts, prepare to take some notes while you are there. Remember that you will want to write objectively, subjectively, and critically. As you take notes, consider the journalist’s “who, what, when, where, why, how”. Questions to ask yourself include: Who is performing? Who is in the audience? What is the music and genre? What are the pieces and composers? Where is the venue? What type of neighborhood is the venue in? What does the stage look like? What are performers and audience members wearing? How are audience members reacting? Why do they react the way they do? Consider your subjective observations. How does this music make me feel? How does it seem to make other audience members feel? Does this remind me of any other musical experiences? Do you enjoy the music? Finally, and most importantly, consider how the music you are hearing relates to themes, concepts, and ideas we have covered in class. What sorts of musical elements are you hearing? What instruments are included? What region of the world is this music from? Try to take a few notes in the concert, but also give yourself time to just listen and enjoy as well. Once the concert is over and you are home, jot down as many notes as you can, so you don’t forget anything, and from those notes, start writing. I will be grading based on the rubric available below and will be looking for a well-written report that includes objective (what you experience) desсrіptions, subjective (how you feel/respond) reflections, and critical (what you think) reactions. Please also read through these two reports from previous semesters to see how other students successfully handled the assignment. 


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