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Our staff will be 5 full time employees and hire contractors to



Slide 1: Vision and value proposition
Slide 2: The problem
Slide 3: Target market and opportunity
Slide 4: The solution
Slide 5: Revenue model or business model
Slide 6: Traction and validation/roadmap
Slide 7: Marketing and sales strategy
Slide 8: Team
Slide 9: Financials
Slide 10: Competition
Slide 11: Investment and use of funds.
The Name of the Business is LND Leading New Development
It is a nonprofit this is a CDC community development corporation
The pitching will be done In a boardroom or conference room

The Company name is interchangeable as for this presentation we can adjust that as we see fit. Multiple slides will have the same information as that information will not change. My biggest concern is the get it done factor…that’s what I’m hiring and I need someone who doesn’t need me to hold their hand. 

This company is the current parent company of several companies to improve the community by creating jobs, community beautification, and residential/commercial development.

One company we have started is a media company and this is the website:
We absorbing a Podcast studio and build Youtube studio that will fall under the media company.

I need you to create the answers based on the information you find about a CDC and ask me specifics as you see fit. Thank you!

What we are doing as a nonprofit company is creating jobs by creating companies, community beautification by remodeling homes and business, and residential/commercial development.

Our staff will be 5 full time employees and hire contractors to complete most projects and utilize trade school students. 

Our location is Oklahoma City


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