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Paper illustrating pierre bourdieu’ | Sociology homework help


Write a paper illustrating Pierre Bourdieu’s concepts of “cultural capital” and “social capital.” The paper will have two dimensions – 1) a lucid and accurate presentation of the two concepts; and 2) illustration of the concepts through an analysis of examples and observations from social life including possibly your own experiences.  These dimensions need not be presented as separate sections, and may be (preferably) presented in an integrated manner but without compromising on clarity.

Additional instructions: Please note that in either case, biographical information about the theorist should not be included. While you are encouraged to study outside sources as well as course materials to understand the issue, the paper should be based on your own understanding and formulation. If necessary for purposes of narrative organization you may minimally quote from course readings –use footnotes for citations –but there should be no textual entries from outside sources. Please compose the answers as your own texts.

The paper will be no less than 4 pages (no more the 12 point font and double spaced). It must have the following two dimensions: 1) an accurate and clear summary of the theory –Marx’s theory of alienation in the first case; or Bourdieu’s concepts of cultural capital and social capital in the second; 2) application of these theories/concepts to analyze practical life experiences.


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