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Paper last- planning project | Computer Science homework help


  1. Question 1
    Your team has been asked to test and document enhancements to a web application that allows buyers to purchase custom-printed canvas shoes. The tasks and dependencies are as follows:
    • Create a testing plan
    • Once the testing plan is ready, your team can:
    • Test the user interfaces
    • Test the database
    • Test the network
    • Write the documentation first draft
    • When the user interface tests are complete, you can:
    • Perform user testing—enlist some users to test the user interface
    • When the database and network testing are complete, you can:
    • Perform integration testing—network with the database
    • When the user testing of the user interface and the database testing are complete, you can:
    • Perform integration testing—database, network, and user interface
    • When all integration testing and user testing are complete, you can:
    • Perform system testing
    • Then you can:
    • Review and revise documentation
    • After all other tasks are complete, you can:
    • Obtain management approval
    • Duration estimates for the tasks:
       a. 3 days b. 10 days c. 6 days d. 7 days e. 20 days f. 5 days g. 3 days h. 2 days i. 8 days j. 4 daysk. 5 days
    1. Create a network diagram and a Gantt chart for the project tasks. Ask your instructor if you are permitted to use software such as Microsoft Project to help you prepare your diagrams. 
      1. What is the planned duration for the testing project?
      2. What is the critical path for the testing project?
      3. For each task NOT on the critical path, calculate the amount of slack available.
      4. If the user testing of the user interface takes 15 days, what will the impact be on the project duration?


Title: Project Management 


ISBN: 978-1-77420-013-1 

Authors: Adrienne Watt 

Publisher: BCcampus 

Publication Date: August 14, 2014 

Edition: 2nd Edition


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