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Paranoid Schizoprenia – Varsity Term Papers


This research paper is to be done in APA writing format-see “course resource” button on course home page for further details, writing center or library. Students will complete their research paper using valid research from credible sources such as APA journals or texts written by licensed Psychologists or Psychiatrists. Be sure to put information from your sources in quotation marks and identify the source and then using critical thinking skills discuss advantages and disadvantages of the research, what you believe it is able to predict or not predict. Include your analysis regarding correlations. It is to be a minimum of 5 pages and no longer than 7 pages double spaced. This is the written context and does not include the cover page and does not include the reference page.

Content includes: research and analysis of research

Diagnosis-how, by whom, when, complications and symptoms seen that need to exist for the diagnosis

Onset-risk factors of developing illness including nature and nurture, catalyst any age differences/typical age of onset

Course of disease-what are the patterns of progression

Effects-on the individual, family, friends, society

Interventions, include treatments, support, therapy, medication and barriers to these interventions as well as complications

HOPE-this may include research and will include management or stabilization of symptoms. Include if there is a cure.

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